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The Fourth Chamber is a sister company of Dyss Events. They are a creative hive of multi-disciplinary artists and producers specialising in art installations, stage design, murals, and experiential spaces that arouse curiosity and fascination. The Fourth Chamber HQ, based in Western Sydney, is equipped with a workshop warehouse with all the tools to fabricate and refurbish a massive range of unique and beautiful items and structures.
Sustainably sourced materials are at the forefront of the Fourth Chamber's productions, ensuring their work is environmentally conscious. With an ever-growing team of other like-minded creatives, The Fourth Chamber remains dedicated to their crafts and strives to reach new heights as both a team and creative organisation.

Check out The Fourth Chamber's website to keep up to date with their current work, what new things are for sale, and what events to attend.

Head to to learn more.

The Fourth Chamber: About Me
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