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Our event services range from event and site management, installs & pack downs, DJs & photographers, to all the equipment in between. We offer full coverage services with the complete event management of your entire occasion. We aim to take the stress and hassle out of your experience whilst helping you to plan the parts you enjoy. There is no job too big or small.

Event Services: Events


Dyss Events offer a wide range of event and site management options. So whether your looking for help with your upcoming daughter's birthday, your work Christmas party, a community-driven local festival, or a full-blown music festival, Dyss Events has you covered. Utilising our experts and collaborating with our ever-growing network, Dyss Events will ensure the seamless execution of your event from start to finish.

4E 4 Elements Festival in Blacktown


Dyss Events offers comprehensive A/V production hire and management tailored to meet every aspect of your event needs. From small gatherings to grand-scale productions, our extensive inventory of top-tier audio and visual equipment ensures we have exactly what you need to create an impactful experience. Coupled with our expert management services, Dyss Events guarantees a seamless integration of technology and execution. Trust us to handle the details, so you can focus on hosting an unforgettable event.

Sound Equipment Hire

Social engagement is at the backbone of Dyss Events. We work alongside organisations, councils and community groups, providing specialist hire and delivering a diverse range of outstanding installations, public space activations and workshops.  We ensure that inclusiveness, understanding, and acceptance are at the heart of all we do by creating memorable experiences for people with disabilities, the socioeconomically disadvantaged and local youth.
We promote building healthy and inclusive communities by delivering and supporting events that are welcoming and accessible to all people and programs that encourage active participation.

Community Events

Private parties hold a special place at Dyss Events. It's where we started, and it's our specialty. From house parties to hall parties, whether you're on a property or a boat, private parties are the ones that define your status, and we throw absolute ragers. With good music, food, entertainment, atmosphere, questionable outfits and good vibes, we combine our years of experience with your ideas and needs to create the perfect party package for you.

Private Functions

This is a fun one! As you can probably tell, we love to party; but we don't want to do it alone. We create stages with full-scale production that add other dimensions and layers to all festivals. Running off mains power or generators, our stage designs can be transported and set up anywhere there's space. We create high-calibre, immersive atmospheres that arouse a sense of curiosity and fascination for those who visit. We encourage as much social interaction as possible by introducing attendees to unique and memorable experiences through the combined use of lighting, audio and art.
We also create large scale artworks that encapsulate punters surrounding them in mesmerising and sometimes otherworldly pieces of art. Our contributions add to the emotion of the festival while also acting as core designs to its theme.

Festivals & Doofs

Our corporate events are a little different from what you're used to; we specialise in producing cutting-edge events that are sophisticated and innovative yet personal with character. We make sure your events are planned perfectly and executed precisely. In addition, we collaborate with stakeholders and vendors, creating meaningful opportunities for attendee engagement and interaction. From fashion shows to art exhibitions, bingo nights, to gala nights, we make sure that your event is the talk of the town.

Corporate Events

There's no more fantastic time than when you're celebrating your birthday; It's all about you. Your friends are there for you, your family is there for you, and they are there to celebrate the life of you. That's why we ensure we get the place exactly how you envision it. We take the dream of your perfect birthday and turn it into a reality. We listen carefully and make sure to work alongside you every step of the way. Then, on the night (or day) of your party, we ensure everything goes swimmingly. We keep the fire going, tidy up, make sure the music is loud enough, and ensure that all your guests are having a good time. Because at the end of the night, we want to make sure your memories are as good as the photos.

Celebrations & Birthdays
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