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Engaging Experiences

To us, events are not just a profession; they are a profound passion. We hold a deep affection for our work.

Our pride lies in transforming visions and dreams into tangible realities. We relish the challenge of materializing concepts that spring from your imagination. There's no greater satisfaction than taking a client's extraordinary ideas and metamorphosing them into real-life experiences. This is the essence of why we exist.


Light Up Garden Event For Children with Disabilities

At Dyss Events, our unwavering commitment revolves around dismantling social barriers by harnessing the power of Arts and Entertainment. Regardless of one's race, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, or social standing, the profound pleasure of acceptance transcends all boundaries. We, as human beings, embark on this cosmic journey together, and our aspiration is to foster unity by crafting inclusive experiences that draw people nearer to each other.


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At our Western Sydney base, our warehouse serves as the nucleus where our visionary concepts come to life. This versatile space not only houses our extensive inventory of event production equipment, props, staging, and truss but also doubles as the expansive canvas for Sam Absurd, our highly talented artist. This space undergoes constant transformations, featuring new canvases, captivating cutouts, and a fresh mural adorning the large wall every few weeks. Visitors often find that a trip here sparks inspiration and fuels creative thought processes.


Stage for Hire

At Dyss Events, we take pride in being your all-in-one solution for crafting extraordinary and unforgettable events.
Our extensive inventory of production equipment and event essentials is designed to meet your every need. From setting the perfect stage to creating captivating lighting effects, enhancing the ambiance, and providing top-tier audio solutions, we have you covered.
Our comprehensive range of equipment ensures that we have all the ingredients necessary to make your event a resounding success, allowing you to focus on the moments that truly matter.


Murals, Installations, Plinths and Backdrops

Located in vibrant Western Sydney, our dynamic warehouse acts as the epicenter where our innovative ideas spring to life. This versatile space not only houses our extensive inventory of event production equipment, props, staging, and truss but also serves as the expansive artistic canvas for Sam Absurd. Constantly evolving, this space undergoes regular transformations, with fresh canvases, captivating cutouts, and a new mural gracing the expansive wall every few weeks. It's no secret that a visit here serves as a wellspring of inspiration, igniting and energizing creative thinking processes.


Boom Lift

At Dyss Events, our dedicated team consists of experts with a diverse array of licenses and skills, each contributing valuable expertise to our dynamic ensemble. This wide spectrum of qualifications empowers us to efficiently tackle a broad range of tasks and challenges, ensuring that our clients always receive exceptional service and innovative solutions

About Us: Musical Styles
Mural on the trampoline.


The Classic House Party.

Dyss Events started from the love of house parties.  Dyss Events' founder Dylan has been hosting events since he was 13, starting from within his mums' backyard. Christmas & birthday parties, sweltering summer shindigs or in the pouring rain, any reason was a good enough reason to party. Over the years, the parties got more extensive and more elaborate. Dylan spent more time planning and thinking of new ways to entertain the crowds, and he would invest his money into new equipment and ideas. As the parties grew, so did the interest. He then decided to enlist the help of his best mate and the highly talented artist Sam.  Sam would create artworks and murals specific to each party and its theme. Sometimes it would be as simple as a graffiti piece with the name of the party spray-painted onto the trampoline, to much more unique works such as tikis and aliens. As the years passed, the parties continued, the inventory increased, and our skills were refined. With this, we started getting enquiries asking us to throw our famous parties for people outside our circle, and thus Dyss Events was born. Delivering exceptional events and creating engaging installations, Dyss Events merges the line between arts and entertainment. Dyss Events now caters to all occasions from birthdays to corporate, community events to music festivals. Although our heart remains with a good old fashioned house party.

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