About Us.


Visions to reality

Engaging Experiences

For us, events is not a job; it is a genuine passion. We love what we do, and we do what we love.
We pride ourselves on bringing vision and dreams to life. We love the challenge of getting an idea out of your imagination and it into reality. There's nothing more satisfying than hearing a client's crazy ideas and turning them into a real-life experience. And that's why we are here.

WE are all in this together

Light Up Garden Event For Children with Disabilities

At Dyss Events, we are committed to breaking down social barriers through the combined use of Arts and Entertainment. No matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, abilities or social status, the joy of acceptance is universal.  We are all humans travelling through this universe together, and we hope that through the creation of inclusive experiences, we can bring people that little bit closer together.

Catering to everyone

Sensory Experience_edited.jpg

Our diverse clientele are constantly challenging us to create new and exciting experiences for all senses.  Conquering these challenges means we get the pleasure to continually craft the art of producing all-around sensory adventures that utilise sounds, visuals, touch, smell and emotions to create an immersive experience for all attendees and their abilities.

Everything you need

Stage for Hire

To deliver such high-quality events and produce our famous gold standard work, we have a wide range of production equipment. It includes staging, truss, party lights, lasers, strobe lights, wash lights, speakers, mixers, microphones, bubble & fog machines, beer pong tables, beer towers, glow furniture, neon lights, and much more. We have everything you need to deck your venue out from top to bottom.

Creative Factory

Murals, Installations, Plinths and Backdrops

Based in Northmead, our warehouse is where all our grand ideas are formed. Whilst housing our wide range of production gear, props, staging and truss, the space is also Sam Absurd's gigantic artist studio. With the place constantly undergoing makeovers from new canvases and cutouts or the large wall getting a fresh new mural every few weeks, they say a visit here helps the creative juices flow.

Horses for Courses

Boom Lift

Our team consists of members with a wide range of skills and licences. Each person brings a different strength and wealth of knowledge to the group. Our licences include RSA and Venue Licensee, RCG, White Card, First Aid & CPR, WWCC, Forklift, EWP, Boom over and under 11m, Telehandler, Dogging, Rigging Basic and HR Truck Licence. But with that being said, we firmly believe that efficiency leads to growth, meaning that if a requested task is outside our area of expertise, we reach out to our extensive network and approach an expert in that particular field. This means we don’t waste any time getting the job done and maintain the balance between quality and cost-effectiveness, ensuring the customer walks away with the best possible product.

Mural on the trampoline.

Our Backstory

The Classic House Party.

Dyss Events started from the love of house parties.  Dyss Events' founder Dylan has been hosting events since he was 13, starting from within his mums' backyard. Christmas & birthday parties, sweltering summer shindigs or in the pouring rain, any reason was a good enough reason to party. Over the years, the parties got more extensive and more elaborate. Dylan spent more time planning and thinking of new ways to entertain the crowds, and he would invest his money into new equipment and ideas. As the parties grew, so did the interest. He then decided to enlist the help of his best mate and the highly talented artist Sam.  Sam would create artworks and murals specific to each party and its theme. Sometimes it would be as simple as a graffiti piece with the name of the party spray-painted onto the trampoline, to much more unique works such as tikis and aliens. As the years passed, the parties continued, the inventory increased, and our skills were refined. With this, we started getting enquiries asking us to throw our famous parties for people outside our circle, and thus Dyss Events was born. Delivering exceptional events and creating engaging installations, Dyss Events merges the line between arts and entertainment. Dyss Events now caters to all occasions from birthdays to corporate, community events to music festivals. Although our heart remains with a good old fashioned house party.